Assistant Professor

Calvin University

2013 – Present Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Research Fellow

CREEM, University of St Andrews

2012 – 2015 St Andrews, Scotland, UK
Member of project MOCHA, a 3.5-year effort to develop and implement innovative methods to understand whale and dolphin behavioral responses to acoustic disturbance

Postdoctoral Researcher

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

2010 – 2012 Woods Hole, MA, USA
Field experiments and data analysis to understand whale and dolphin behavior changes in response to acoustic disturbance

Postdoctoral Researcher


2008 – 2010 Plouzané, France
Work to understand and mitigate potential negative impacts of active acoustic devices on marine life

PhD Candidate

MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Biological Oceanography

2003 – 2008 Cambridge and Woods Hole, MA, USA
Toothed whale echolocation, foraging ecology and noise impacts (with Peter L. Tyack)

Research Technician

University of Michigan Mental Health Research Institute

2001 – 2003 Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Molecular biology of neural development (with David L. Turner)

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Atlantic Sonar Response

Measuring behavioral responses of Atlantic short-finned pilot whales and Cuvier’s beaked whales to Naval Mid-Frequency Active Sonar (MFAS)

Clean Water Liberia

Multi-sector collaboration to assess health impacts of mass distribution of household water filters


Statistical consultancy for a project promoting women’s reproductive health and knowledge


LearnR tutorials for introductory statistics courses

MarEcoTel Sonar Response

Collaborative work with MarEcoTel and NUWC Newport to understand whale responses to naval sonar sounds

STAT 245 Projects

Advanced stat students do service-learning statistical consultancy projects

Tag Tools

Wiki site for software tools for biologging tags. Needs updating!

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Workshop on Analysis of Data from High-Resolution Biologging Tags